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SOA - Consulting

Phronesis Episteme provides service in the area of SOA consulting.We have been working with the Oracle SOA Suite since its earliest release.


Core components which make up the SOA Implementation.



Oracle Technology Services



Phronesis Episteme is proficient in all of the Oracle SOA Suite components including BPEL, OSB, Business Rules, BAM, B2B, adapters and more. We offer a unique approach to the development of SOA Projects by leveraging the key features of all the Oracle SOA Suite products.


Phronesis Episteme supports a range of SOA requirements including short-term or long-term engagements. We've been involved in a number of short term activities including code reviews, performance analysis, production support, and enterprise installations.



Process Lifecycle & SOA Roles



Oracle Technology Services



  • SOA and Process Integration Architecture

    Designs principles, standards, and models required to implement and manage the execution of an SOA transformation and enterprise application integration for an enterprise.


  • Design implementation and Development

    Identifies, builds, and implements services with the supporting applicationsí infrastructure.


  • SOA Process Management

    Maintains, monitors, and administrates SOA and integration environments.


  • SOA Governance

    Establishes the SOA governance model, as well as the policies, frameworks, processes, roles, and responsibilities essential for an SOA transformation.



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